IP Configuration

IP address is used as a default IP address by Linksys routers. This address identifies router on the network and is used by other devices to connect to the router. If you have Linksys router on your network you can administer it from your browser just by typing in If you don't find your router administration interface on this address there is a good chance that default address was changed from to something else and you will need to find out what IP address your router uses to get to it.

There are multiple ways to do it. If you have an iOS device connected to that network that may be the quickest way to find out router IP address (least number of clicks required). In your iOS device go to settings then to Wi-Fi. You will see list of all Wi-Fi networks around. If you're connected to one of them you should see a blue checkmark next to it. Make sure that you're connected to the network where you want to identify router IP address. Select this network from the list. You will see a screen with detailed information about it. Look for "Router" line on this list and you will see router IP address in it. Type this address in your browser and if it opens with login UI of the router it means you found what you were looking for.

If you don't have an iOS device you can get IP router address from your PC. There is an easy way to do it using cmd.exe Windows tool. It is available in any Windows version. Simply press Start button and start typing cmd.exe. You should see cmd.exe appear in application search results. Click on it. You will see a black command terminal window. Type "ipconfig /all" in this window and press Enter. In the text output that will appear look for line with "Gateway" word. This line will contain IP address of your router.

Now that you know IP address of your router just go to your browser and type http:// and IP address of the router after it and press Enter. You should see router administration interface. Now you need to get administration password for it or try to see if default one works. For a list of default passwords for routers please see another article on our website.