IP Address is used by several brands of routers to identify itself on the network. If you have router installed on your network you can access it directly from your browser. There you will be able to update your router settings, set up port forwarding, enable firewall, change wi-fi network settings and many more.

If you need to access your router settings no active internet connection is required. You just need to type in a browser address bar if you're using Netgear or D-Link routers. If you're using routers of different brands then this address could be different (for example Linksys routers use Make sure that you're typing this IP address correctly - otherwise you may be redirected to search of error page.

How to reset password

To change your router login information and Wi-Fi network details you first need to access your router administration interface by typing into your browser address bar. After that you will see login screen where you need to type admin login details. Typically router login information is written on the bottom or side of the router. Once you're inside the router administration interface you need to go to security settings where you can change login details. For Wi-Fi password you need to go to WLAN section of router interface. For more specific instructions please refer to your router manual.

Find if your IP is

If IP address of your router is different from you can follow instructions in these articles to retrieve its IP address.

- Router IP Address on PC and Mac OS

- Router IP Address on Mobile Devices

Default Login for Netgear routers

Netgear routers which have IP address as a default typically have default username as admin and password 1234. If this combination doesn't work you can try admin username and blank (empty) password. Some routers have admin as username and admin as password.

Default login for D-Link routers

D-Link routers with default IP address use admin as username and you should leave password field empty.

If nothing from this list work try to search specific router model and word 'manual'. Router manuals usually contain default login information.