Assign static address to your computer

In most of the cases IP address is assigned automatically by a router on a network. But sometimes you need to assign static address to a computer or device connected to your network. For example when you have recording device and IPTV cameras on your network and you need to connect cameras to recording device it is necessary to use exact IP addresses to identify IPTV cameras.

Make sure that you know range of IP addresses which are available in the current network. For example on the network with router IP of you will typically have addresses from to which you can use as static addresses.

Also make sure to check that IP address which you're going to use is not used by any other device on the network. Otherwise computer will report IP address collision.

To assign device a static address on Windows OS you need to go to Control Panel and select Network and Sharing Center there.

In the windows that will open you should see all current connections on the computer. Select the one which you're currently using and the one you want to use static IP address. Double click on it.

Now you should see connection status dialog. Click Properties button on it. In a next dialog select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" option and click Properties button.

In a next dialog you will see several fields for IP addresses and an option called "Use the following IP address". Select this option and type your static IP address in "IP address" field. Default gateway field should contain IP address of your router. Click OK on all dialogs you opened. If your IP address is working correctly you should have connection to your network.

To check your current network settings you can launch command prompt and type ipconfig /all there. It will show you all details about your current connection including your current IP address and address of your router.