Get Router or Modem IP Address

When router or modem connects to network it assigns to itself specific IP address. This IP address could be used to connect to the router/modem and administer it. Also other devices on the network use this address to connect to the router or modem.

Below are simple steps on how to find your router/modem IP address on your Windows machine.

  • 1) Launch "Command prompt". Depending on the version of Windows it could be done via Start menu or using Search function in Windows 8.
    • On Windows 7 just type "Command prompt" in the search bar of Start Menu and press enter.
    • On Windows 8 move your mouse to the top-right corner of the screen and select Search from the menu which will appear. Type "Command prompt" there and press enter.
  • 2) Text window will open on the screen. You should type ipconfig /all in it and press Enter.
  • 3) You will see a page or two of text printed on the screen. Scroll through them looking for a line with "Default Gateway". This line will have an address consisting of four numbers. For example: or This will be an IP address of your router.
  • 4) To administer your router type IP address you got in step 3 in your web browser. You should see login page of your router or modem.

If you're working from Linux or Unix machine you can type:

ip route | grep default

There you should look for a line like:

default via dev eth0 proto static

If you're on Mac launch Terminal. There type

netstat -nr | grep default

And look for a line with IP address in it. It will look similar to this: default via dev eth0 proto static